February 2, 2011

New post, New Year (Star Wars IV - A New Hope, Star Wars V - Empire Strikes Back)

I recently ran into a blog article about Gary Kurtz--second unit director of the first two original Star Wars movies. The article talked about how Kurtz made the decision to depart with the franchise after Empire Strikes Back. He spoke to how Lucas changed the entire film after they had agreed to and written more subdued, bitter third script. Lucas decided to indulge the franchise's fans with a third film that ended on a more optimistic note. Interestingly, Kurtz's version had Han Solo dying in the middle of the third film, but he asserts that Lucas and the film's producers overrided him due to the massive income in the franchise's toy sales.

Article below:
Did ‘Star Wars’ become a toy story? Producer Gary Kurtz looks back

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